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Untitled’s next Pop-Up during the First Saturday Art Crawl on 4th Ave is just around the corner! Currently the street-facing lobby at Colab Nashville, 230 4th Ave, is our home-base but we’ll spread into various locations inside the Arcade as more artists join in and the space is needed. Register now and SPAM all your friends! September is sure to be AMAZING!!!

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Full Tilt Poster Winner!

Congratulations to Heather Brothers, Untitled’s 2012 Fall Show Full Tilt’s poster winner!


A more official version will be released with all the correct info, but here’s a sneak peak:

So come on and register for Full Tilt today!

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Early Registration is OPEN!

The Frist

We decied to shake things up a little bit for our Summer Show 2012 (also known as our 21st BIRTHDAY!!!). So, if you’re one of the first 20 people to register for Untitled’s Summer Show 2012, you will receive two free tickets to THE FRIST!.

That’s right, almighty Untitled Artists! If you’re one of the first 20 people to register for our Summer 2012 Show, you will receive two free admissions to The Frist! We’re serious! Start your summer romance off with a romantic date navigating the maze of art, find inspiration for your piece among the paintings and sculptures of other artists, or hide from that pesky debt collector with your partner in crime for a day at The Frist.

Here are the deets:
Early registration opens on Sunday, April 8 and closes on Sunday, May 6.
The first 20 artists to register in that time period receive TWO general admission tickets to The Frist Center for the Visual Arts.
You must fully register during Early Registration to be eligible (NO PLACEHOLDERS).
You will receive an email on Tuesday, May 8 if you were one of the lucky few to receive tickets.
You may pick up your tickets at drop off on Wednesday, June 13. For special circumstances, contact us at info@untitlednashville.org.

Only two tickets per artist, double registrations do not count. If, for some reason, you end up unable to participate in Untitled’s Summer Show 2012, Untitled has the right to want to pass your tickets onto someone else who can participate (nothing personal and we understand sh*t happens, but we want to make sure that people aren’t registering early and then backing out only to receive the tickets. Sorry to be so untrusting).

Now let’s get you registered!

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Anti-Freeze Registration OPEN!

Can’t wait to register for Untitled’s 2011 Winter Show, Anti-Freeze! Well, you don’t have to wait any longer because REGISTRATION IS OPEN!

That’s right! Get your typing fingers ready to register for Untitled’s 2011 Winter Show, Anti-Freeze.

Click here to register for Anti-Freeze!

How to register:
For a full description of how to register, go here.

1. Register online via the link above
2. Pay the $15 registration fee one of three ways: PayPal, via mail or at a meeting
3. PROMOTE! Share the poster, post on Facebook, and tell all of your friends and family you’re participating!
3. Bring your piece, ready to hang and with your name and title on it to drop-off Wednesday, December 7, at the venue from 6-7:30pm
4. Volunteer to help with the show and bring wine (or soft drinks) to drop-off.
5. Attend! Anti-Freeze is Friday, December 9, at Marathon Village from 6pm to 10pm

It’s that easy!

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Thanks for a great GLOW!

Thank you so much to all of the artists and volunteers who made GLOW 2011 a smashing success! We hope everyone had as much fun as we did!

Congratulations to all of our artists who sold their work and to Amy Walls, the winner of the 2011 GLOW Costume Contest!

A special thanks to everyone’s contributions:
Ken Walls
Ginny Edwards
Heather Brothers
Shelly Santana
Rachel Watney
Mark Griffin
Dawna Bradford
Joey Petrone
Pablo Scruggs
Paul Clement (and his awesome drill)
Katie Wilson
Rani Scruggs
Christina Cudworth
Music City Burlesque
Kinetic Kristen
Robert Cortner
FALL Aerial Performers
Avenue 9
Souls & Blues Dance (for letting us kick them to the back)
Paige White
Rose Hips
Michelle Thornhill
Daniel Cartier
Amy Walls
DeeDee Decker
Keith Herendon
Stefan Engstrom
Eric Hansen

(Sorry if we forgot anyone! There was so much great help, it was hard to keep track of!)

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