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Volunteer Guide

Volunteering is a great experience where you can meet other artists; it’s a lot of fun; and you get to learn a lot about how an art exhibit is installed and organized. Since Untitled is a volunteer-based, artist-run group, it needs your help!All exhibiting artists (and non-exhibiting artists, too) are encouraged to volunteer their time to help install the show, host the event, and uninstall the show. Please let us know what you can do to help. The volunteer schedule will be finalized at the drop-off. Please be sure to confirm your volunteer shift at drop (even if you are not exhibiting).

We especially need assistance with the installation on Thursday and the clean-up on Saturday. If at all possible, please plan to be available for at least a couple of hours on those days. A special place in artists’ heaven (and also some pizza) is reserved for those who stay all day on Thursday.

No shame if you can’t help out this time, but please do if you can. Also, please remember that Untitled is just a bunch of artists working together to make shows happen. Please be kind to each other.

This is your show – Help Make It Happen! Thank You!

Click Here (http://docs.google.com/Doc?id=df2gv8xt_220dhx9nhq4) for a generic show timeline

Chair Positions (team leaders)

For every show, we need people to fill the chair positions. You can also be a co-chair and work with another person to lead that team of volunteers. Chairs do not have to pay a participation fee.

Check out the list of chair positions to see if there is something you can help with or would like to learn.

Most chair positions require no previous experience!


Help publicize event: write press release, poster printing and distribution
Detailed Task List http://docs.google.com/Doc?id=df2gv8xt_83dxmpxc

Artists’ (Volunteer) Liaison

Schedule volunteers, train volunteers night of show, be sure volunteers are at their positions
Detailed Task List http://docs.google.com/Doc?id=df2gv8xt_93zn3zhk

*this position requires previous experience
Lead crew to install show, pick up & drive U-haul, check work to make sure it’s ready to hang, work with curator during installation, assist with lighting
Detailed Task List http://docs.google.com/Doc?id=df2gv8xt_91d376nm

Plan layout and look of exhibit, work w/ installation chair to decide placement of panels, decide where to place work, affix titleblocks
Detailed Task List http://docs.google.com/Doc?id=df2gv8xt_95f65fdk


Lead in the cleaning of venue, break down of panels, organizing and packing up supplies, pick up and driving U-haul to storage unit
Detailed Task List http://docs.google.com/Doc?id=df2gv8xt_97dkgqx6


Organize food and beverages, solicit donations, collect food/beverages at drop off, shop for supplies, set up food/beverage table
Detailed Task List http://docs.google.com/Doc?id=df2gv8xt_89hr6r49

Donation and Door Prize

Seek donations and sponsorships
Detailed Task List http://docs.google.com/Doc?id=df2gv8xt_99cff6pz

Poster Designer

Design poster and flyers for show
Detailed Task List http://docs.google.com/Doc?id=df2gv8xt_184dqrbp6jn

Small Works

Collect and organize small works & artist info sheets at drop off, set up small works table and oversee volunteers during show
Detailed Task List – coming soon

Volunteer Shifts

For every show, we also need volunteers to sign up for specific shifts so we can make sure that all areas are covered and the show runs as smoothly as possible.

Volunteer shifts require no previous experience! Volunteering is the best way to get involved and meet other people. Volunteer for something new every show and learn more and more as you go!

Volunteer schedules will be finalized at the drop-off on Wednesday.

Food and Beverage Table (if applicable)
  • Consolidate / replenish food on serving trays as necessary
  • If serving drinks, pour small amounts for patrons
  • Keep area clean
  • Inform Food & Beverage Chair if we are running out of anything
  • Empty trash as it fills up
Greet / Door
  • Stand near door, hand out programs, greet patrons, and encourage them to sign the guest book
  • Keep a rough count of how many guests enter with counter, give counter to next volunteer when you finish your shift. We should have a tally counter at the sales desk. At the end of your shift, pass the counter to the next greeter
  • Answer questions as necessary and refer patrons to sales table
  • *GLOW Show: Collect entry fee and give glow bracelet to guests who have paid
Sales and Information Table
  1. Check off arriving artists on the sales list and give them ARTIST lanyards (this is so when a patron asks if an artist is present, we know the answer).
    Remind artists of their volunteer positions. Remind them to check-out when they leave.
  2. Retrieve lanyards (if we use the reusable kind) from departing artists – we need them for the next show.
  3. How to Process a Sale
    • When a piece sells, place a red dot sticker on the title block.
    • Find artist’s name on the master sales list. Offer to try to introduce the patron to the artist if they are interested and the artist has checked in.
    • Records are very important! For every sale, on the receipt, please record buyer’s name, mailing address, email address and phone number, along with the artists name and the title of the work.
    • Enter amount received in the appropriate column for cash, check or charge.
    • For check sales, have buyer write check to artist.
    • Complete a receipt in the receipt book and give 2nd copy to buyer.
    • Remind buyer that they must take the piece home with them at the end of the evening (preferably at 10:00, No Earlier Than 9:30, or make arrangements directly with the artist.
    • If you give check or cash to artist, write Paid to the left of the artist’s name. Artists who do not receive payment the night of the show may pick up their money at the Untitled meeting 2 weeks from show.
Small Works
  • Help set up small works table
  • Process sales
  • Keep area organized
  • Organize money into envelopes for artists
Clean-up (night of show)
  • Collect cups and trash from space
  • Take all trash to dumpster
  • Make sure all art is sent home with its artist or collector. If any art is left, it is the clean-up crew’s responsibility to figure out how to get it back where it belongs. But no art should ever be left, so this should not be an issue.
  • Help collect lanyards from artists and return them to the Sales table.
  • Unplug Untitled lights, and begin taking down, if possible.
Clean-up (Saturday)

This job is very important! How well we do it helps determine how easily we can find future venues. Untitled takes pride in leaving spaces cleaner (and more popular!) than we found them.

  • Clean-up Crew meets at venue at 10:00 AM unless otherwise arranged by Clean-up Chair. If someone wants to pick-up a box of donuts/bagels, Untitled will reimburse.
  • Unscrew, take down and load panels into truck.
  • Load pedestals, tools and painting supplies.
  • Take down, pack and load lights. Coil and pack extension cords.
  • Replace venue furniture as needed, sweep floor, take out trash.
  • Patch and repaint walls if damaged.
  • Make a final check for art and Untitled property.
  • Follow truck to Storage Unit, unload truck, and return truck to U-Haul.


Installation and Clean-up
Show InstallationThursday 8:30 / 9:00am – 11am

  • am heavy lifting – picking up panels at storage unit (located near fairgrounds) and/or unloading panels at venue

Show Installation Thursday 11am – 1pm

  • heavy lifting-panel installation. light duty work – light fixture assemblage, touching up panels, misc. jobs

Show Installation Thursday 1 – 3pm

  • measuring and drilling holes to hang art, help with lighting, stuffing artist badges, etc.

Show Installation Thursday 3 – 5pm

  • measuring and drilling holes to hang art, help with lighting, stuffing artist badges, etc.

Show Installation Thursday 5 – 7pm

  • finishing touches, last minute hanging of work, titleblock placement, cleaning up supplies, general cleaning

Final Touches / Gallery Prep Friday 4 – 6pm

  • food table set up, sales table set up, turning on lighting, hanging any posters/signs outside & inside, dusting artwork and glass smudges, general cleaning, getting ice, folding programs, etc.

Night of Show Clean-up Friday 10 – 10:30pm

  • collect trash, make sure all art is removed, help collect lanyards, unplug lights & remove if possible

Clean-up and Un-install Saturday 10:00am – 1pm

  • heavy lifting of panels, returning equipment to storage space organizing boxes of supplies

Post-show Equipment Inventory Saturday 12 – 1pm

  • at the storage space, making sure all equipment is returned and organized
Night of Show

Please plan to arrive at your post at least five minutes before your shift begins.

Available to pick up last minute items Friday 4:00 – 5:30pm

Show Photographer Friday 6 – 7pm
Show Photographer Friday 7 – 8pm
Show Photographer Friday 8 – 9pm
Show Photographer Friday 9 – 10pm

Food Table Friday 6 – 7 pm
Food Table Friday 7 – 8 pm
Food Table Friday 8 – 9 pm
Food Table Friday 9 – 10 pm

Greet / Door Friday 6 – 7 pm
Greet / Door Friday 7 – 8 pm
Greet / Door Friday 8 – 9 pm
Greet / Door Friday 9 – 10 pm

Sales and Information Table Set-up Friday 4:00 – 6:00 pm
Sales and Information Friday 6 – 7 pm
Sales and Information Friday 7 – 8 pm
Sales and Information Friday 8 – 9 pm
Sales and Information Friday 9 – 10 pm

Small Works Table Set-up Friday 4:00 – 6:00 pm
Small Works Table Friday 6 – 7 pm
Small Works Table Friday 7 – 8 pm
Small Works Table Friday 8 – 9 pm
Small Works Table Friday 9 – 10 pm

Light Clean-up Friday 10 – 10:30 pm

* Please note that for GLOW
all shifts for the night of the show will be one hour later!
The GLOW show is from 7 – 11pm.

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