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Poster Submission

Poster Contest and Design Guide

Do you want to design the poster for the next show? Here’s how it works…


Check the Calendar for the next poster contest.

About 2 months before each show, artists submit their poster online by emailing them to info@untitlednashville.org. Then, Untitled artists all vote online on which poster they like over the course of a week. Then, the poster that has the most votes for that show wins!

The chosen poster design will be printed and distributed/hung all over town as well as posted on the internet as the official poster for the show, including the Untitled website, social networking sites, in numerous emails, press releases, show invites and wherever else Untitled artists would like to post the image to promote the show. A link will be added to your personal website or portfolio on the Untitled website and in promotional emails.

How to submit
  • Design a poster after the show title has been announced!
  • All poster images need to be emailed to info@untitlednashville.org with the subject: POSTER CONTEST
  • All submissions need to be in a .jpeg/.jpg format—NO EXCEPTIONS
  • Please include the following in the body of your email:
    First and last name
    Phone number
    Website link (if you have one)
  • Please keep the file size for your submission as small as you can without sacrificing details, since all of the images will be voted for online (we recommend not having it any larger than 600 px)
  • Please keep dimensions/ratio of poster design reasonable for printing
  • If you win the poster contest, you need to be available to make any changes requested (since we typically have sponsors and performers we confirm around then) and submit a print-ready file (at least 300 dpi and as big as 11×17)
  • The poster must be printable and readable in small and large formats (Facebook icon, 11×17 printable size [or something similar], quarter page flyer size, etc). Don’t worry, you can change things around to fit in these formats, it’s just something to keep in mind.
  • It also helps to have most or all of the required text and images on the design. If we do not have a location confirmed, just add some text like “Cool Venue 123 Main Street”.
  • Media

    Digital, drawing, printmaking, photography, painting, etc. The design should leave room for important text & images about the event. The final file will need to be ready for printing. Please see requirements below.

    Artists may collaborate as well. If you are an artist with an image but no graphic design skills, you will need to hook up with a designer who can format your image for printing and include the necessary information.

    Online Contest Submission
    For submitting to the poster contest, please submit a file no larger than 600 pixels wide and in .jpeg/.jpg format.

    Final Sizes (if you win!)
    Posters can be full color or not, up to 11″x17”. Please keep in mind that we also print small postcard size fliers. The design will need to be scalable to a postcard size and readable or redesigned with text that is readable. The designer is also responsible for designing a flyer. For printing purposes, it is definitely easiest to work with the 11×17 inch sized poster files.
    Important Text and Images to Include
    1. Show Title
    2. The Untitled Logo – Prominently displayed, undistorted and at least 3 inches long (download here: http://www.untitlednashville.org/untitled-logotype) What do we mean by undistorted? When you resize the logo (you should be going smaller not bigger by the way), keep the proportions the same and do not stretch the logo out by either width or height.
    3. Show Year (ex. Spring Show 2010)
    4. Show date
    5. 6 – 10 pm
    6. Free
    7. One-Night-Only
    8. Slogan - uncensored art for unlimited audiences
    9. Venue Name or Logo(undistorted)
    10. Venue Address
    11. Website Address – www.untitlednashville.org (easily legible)
    12. Sponsor Logos, DJ and Other Info

    Important! (for GLOW especially)! Please leave some room for additional small logos (if we have sponsors confirmed before printing).

    File Requirements and Suggestions

    In order to send a file to a printer to be printed, it is best to use these guidelines for easy printing of your awesome design. These are just some basic suggestions for getting started.

    1. Start by building your file in CMYK (not RGB) (color mode)
    2. Build your file at 300 DPI (resolution)
    3. Don’t use 4/c black – because it makes the black so rich – that when printed it won’t look that rich
    4. Start your file size at the largest size to be printed (for example: 11×17 inches)
    5. Save your file for printing in PDF – CMYK
    Past Posters

    Need some inspiration?
    Here is a link to our flickr group for examples of past posters:

    Other Things You Need to Know

    You can put the required text and images in whatever order, font and configuration you like. Please be sure any logos are not skewed when resizing.

    Before printing, the final draft will be approved by PR chair and board members. Untitled reserves the right to request a designer to change the layout of the design or text style to effectively communicate the message of the poster to a viewer.

    The final draft will need to be ready a week after it is chosen to be sent with the press release.

    Artists are welcome and encouraged to design, print & distribute their own posters or promotional items for the show. Untitled will only pay for printing of the chosen design.

    Poster Designer Tasks
    1. Create coordinating poster and flier designs for review by PR committee
      (Note that flier may need to be redesigned (ie text reconfigured or enlarged or image cropped))
      Flier should be postcard size or about 4×5 inches (4 per 8.5 x 11 sheet of paper)
    2. Send for review to info@untitlednashville.org – low resolution
    3. Edit designs per input from committee
    4. Create press-ready, high resolution files for printer. See guidelines above
    5. Send to info@untitlednashville.org or contact for alternative email address for large files (over 5mb). May need to send files to printer directly. Communicate with PR chair about this
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