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Register for an upcoming show

Visit the registration page to learn about and register online for upcoming shows.

How To Show Your Art With Untitled

All participating artists should read the Artist Need to Know Form.
The Basics
  • Open to all artists, all media, & all levels.
  • Participating Artist Limit: 125 (unless otherwise noted). Special limitations may apply to the GLOW SHOW, or shows with smaller sized venues.
  • First come, first show.
  • One piece per artist.
  • Untitled does not have a formal membership or membership fees.
  • Participation fees: Regular show: $15 | Reclamation: FREE! | Show Chairs: Free!
  • Untitled does not charge a commission for work sold.
Registration Completion

Only complete registrations count. Please be sure that you fill out all pages of the registration form with the correct information.

Registration Changes
If you need to change your submitted artwork (or price, or title or volunteer preferences, name, address, etc.) you can do so at the Art Drop off two days before the show. Multiple registrations to correct information skews our registration numbers, which may lead to us cutting off registration too early during our first-come, first-show process. Thanks for understanding!
Registration Confirmation
You will receive an individual confirmation after registering. We will still email the list of registered artists to our mailing list and the participating artist list, so be sure you provide your email address. Keep track of your registration information in case you need to refer to it for any reason in the future. If you have questions about your registration, email info@untitlednashville.org

Payment Does Not Equal Registration
Please remember that payment does not equal registration. These are 2 different steps to be in the show which you may do in any order and at any time.
Artist Participation Fees
Regular show: $15 | Reclamation: FREE? | Show Chairs: Free!
Forms of Payment

Untitled accepts cash, Check or Money Order made out to “Untitled”, and PayPal (credit cards accepted through PayPal)

3 Easy Ways to Pay

1. In person

  • Bring to any meeting up to 1 week before the show.

2. Mail

  • Postmark by Friday before the show.
    Send check or money order to:
    P.O. BOX 40232
    Nashville, TN 37204

3. Online

  • Via Paypal by Sunday night before the show.

    Click the “Donate” button to pay your participation fee via PayPal or credit card. Please be sure to include the participating artist’s name in the field where asked (this helps us tremendously when sorting and organizing info! Thank you!)

Payment Policies

These policies are subject to change. Please check back often for possible updates.

Paid but not participating?

If you pay your fee for a show but are unable to participate, we will gladly hold your fee until the next show, as long as you notify us of the cancellation via email before the drop-off date. Simply send an email to info@untitlednashville.org letting us know you will not be participating. You will receive a note from us acknowledging the cancellation, and you can submit a copy of that email instead of a check for the next show. If you do not participate in the next show, your fee will be considered a donation to Untitled.
If you pay your fee and do not notify us of cancellation prior to the drop off, your show fee will be considered a donation to Untitled. Because cancellations cause significant additional administrative work for Untitled volunteers, Untitled does not issue refunds for show fees.

No money in your bank account?

If your check for your participation fee bounces, you will be notified by email and will be asked to repay your show fee in order to be in the next show. Participants whose checks bounce will not be asked to repay the check bounce fee that Untitled is charged by the bank.

  1. The title of the show is just a title, not necessarily a theme. However, many artists use this title as their theme and inspiration to create their work. You may do whatever you wish.
  2. Send in your images. If you have an image ready for print send it to info@untitlednashville.org for possible inclusion in our press release. We usually get some press for the show and the press people like to use pictures. Need help? Email us. Visit the image submission guide at the bottom of this page. Check the Calendar for Deadlines.
  3. Learn something new. Untitled is a great experience and you will learn a lot. Sometimes it will be hard work, but always fun and rewarding. Don’t be afraid to ask questions.
  4. Please remember that Untitled reserves the right to not show any work more than once in one year.
  5. Since every show is different with unique challenges and needs, be sure to read your email for the most recently updated information pertaining to the current show.
Art Drop-off and Volunteer Confirmation

The art drop-off and volunteer confirmation normally takes place the Wednesday evening before the show from 6-7:30 PM at the venue. Please check your email for any specific changes and instructions for the current show. Drop-off/confirmation normally takes about 15-20 minutes. Come anytime between 6 and 7:30. Late work will not be accepted.

Change in plans? If you register and decide later not to participate, please email info@untitlednashville.org to let us know your change in plans. Otherwise we’ll worry about you and we won’t be able to hold your fee for the next show if you do not notify us in advance (see payment policies above).

Can someone else drop off my work? YES. If someone else is dropping off your work, they will need to sign the waiver form for you and confirm your volunteer shift(s) too. So be sure to tell them!

What To Bring To Drop-off

Your Work

Your work must be dry and ready to hang (wired, or with other appropriate hanging hardware).
Please be sure your name and the title of your piece are on the back. If your work is not properly prepared for hanging, it will not be shown. Please check in with the curator or installation chair to confirm that your work is ready to hang. Get your work ready by visiting our ready to hang guide. http://www.untitlednashville.org/participate/ready-to-hang/

Questions? email us.

Artist Statement / Bio / Business Cards

Optional. A one-page bio and/or artist’s statement. Untitled maintains a book of bios and artists’ statements for patrons to review during our shows. If you would like your information included in the book, please bring a single page with you to the drop-off. Here’s an article on writing an artist’s statement to help you get started: http://www.artbusiness.com/artstate.html You may also bring your small promotional materials to place on our sales and information table – ie: business cards, postcards, bookmarks, pins, stickers, etc. You may bring these to the drop-off or to the show. Be sure to pick up extras after the show or they will be recycled.

Small Works

Optional and only for certain shows. Please check to see if we are accepting small works for the show you are registering for. See below for guidelines.

Food and Beverages

We will give you more details on this the week of drop-off, but please plan to bring some water, soft drinks, wine, or other beverages and a snack or two for our guests. Thank you! You may bring non-perishable items to the drop-off and anything to the show itself. Sometimes a venue will have their own refreshments at the bar and we will not ask artists to bring anything.

What To Do At Drop-off

Enter venue and check in. You will check in, show that your artwork is ready to hang, sign the artist need to know form, drop off your food and beverage contributions (if needed), and confirm your volunteer shifts. This is kinda like an assembly line and you will be checking in with various people. (order may vary slightly)

1. Enter Venue

2. Check with Installation Chair / Curator

  • Make sure your work is ready to hang and labeled. Set work aside.

3. Check In

  • Tell us your name and we’ll check you off and make sure that you have paid. Please do not leave without checking in. We may not realize you were there and leave you out of the program, etc.

4. Acknowledgment Form (waiver)

  • At drop-off you will sign our Acknowledgment Form. This form contains important information about showing with Untitled. Feel free to read this beforehand (No need to print this).

5. Volunteer Confirmation

  • All exhibiting artists (and non-exhibiting artists, too!) are encouraged to volunteer their time to help install the show (bring tools and drills!-label w/ your name & number!), host the event, and uninstall the show. Please let us know what you can do to help. The volunteer schedule will be finalized at the drop-off. Your help is always needed & appreciated. We love, love, love volunteers!
  • Even if you are not exhibiting, please plan to confirm your shift(s) at the drop-off or contact us beforehand.
  • Untitled is an artist-run organization. We need your help! Volunteering is a great way to learn marketable skills, meet other artists, build your resume, and gain access to valuable resources. There are many ways to volunteer; see the volunteer guide for more info. Volunteering is not absolutely necessary and it’s understood that not all artists can volunteer every time, but please help out if you can.

6. Food / Beverage Drop-off

  • Check in with the Hospitality Chair and drop off your goodies. If we are having a show at a venue that does not serve food and beverages, then we will supply our own for our guests. We sometimes ask artists to bring non-perishable items to drop off or to the show. Details will be mailed during the week of the show so be sure to read that email!

7. Small Works

  • If we are accepting small works for the show, see details below.
Small Works

For certain shows, we will have a small works area featuring small pieces. Please check to see if we are accepting small works for the show you are participating in, fill out the small works form to bring to drop off with your small works, and follow the rules below.
Please follow all guidelines to make our volunteers’ jobs run smoothly. Thank you!

Small Works Guidelines

  • Each artist must have work in the main exhibition to submit work to the small works table
  • Each artist is limited to 5 pieces
  • Each piece is not to exceed 10×10 inches (10x10x10 for 3d work)
  • Each artist must submit a printed list with details of their submitted work, including title, medium, and price
  • Work must be dropped off during the regular art drop-off the Wednesday night before the show.
  • Each artist is responsible for taking their unsold work with them at 10pm
  • Work will be sold by cash or check only and will go directly to the artist
  • Work may include original art, prints, or craft items, etc.
  • Work must be matted or otherwise protected, and must be in a clear plastic sleeve/packaging (available at any art supply store)
  • Work must be labeled with name, title and price at the very least
  • There is no price limit at this time, however, we suggest entering affordable works into the small works area to make it easier for patrons to purchase your work.
  • For the Glow Show, Small Works should not glow since the small works area will be lit with normal lighting.

Download and Print the Small Works Form

Night of Show

Check In

When you arrive at the show, please check in at the sales and information table. Here you will pick up your artist badge to wear & confirm your volunteer shift. Please try to arrive at least 5 minutes prior to your volunteer shift. It is important that you check in so that if we need to contact you we know that you are available. This is especially helpful when someone is interested in purchasing your work!

If You Leave and Return Later
  • Check out at the sales table to let us know you have stepped out.
  • Check in again when you return.
End of Night – 10pm (11pm for glow)
  • Take your work home. Please make arrangements for someone to take your work home at the end of the show if you cannot be there.
  • Take leftover business cards and anything else you left on the sales & info table. If you do not take these at the end of the show, they will be recycled.
If Your Work Sells – Yay!

Check your title-block throughout the night. If you see a red dot, come to the sales table. You’ll need to arrange for your buyer to pick up your work at the end of the night, or you can arrange to deliver it, if you prefer. If someone else is taking your work home and your work is sold, that person is then responsible for communicating with the sales table and buyer about pick-up. Make sure your art picker-upper knows this! This goes for small works too.

Untitled is Not Responsible for Work Left at the Venue

If your work sells, it is your responsibility to make arrangements with the buyer if the buyer cannot take it home that evening. If you leave your work when the show is over, Untitled is not responsible for your work.

Get Paid

Untitled charges no commission. If your art sells, pick up your money at the end of the show. If the buyer writes a check to Untitled, you can pick up a check at the Untitled meeting 2 weeks from the show.

Submit Your Images!

Send in your images!
If you have an image ready for print and will be participating in the next Untitled show, send it to info@untitlednashville.org for possible inclusion in our press release. This is not a requirement to be in the show.

What we need:
Ready for print image of your work that you plan to show in next Untitled show. (One image per artist; please submit an image of the piece you are submitting into the next show)
Images that are not ready to print according to the guidelines below cannot be used.
Check the calendar for deadlines.

File and Submission Requirements


  • JPEG
  • 300dpi
  • Cropped to show art only
  • Good, clear image quality
  • No glare

Please also include

  • Artist name
  • Title
  • Size of original artwork in inches
  • Medium
  • Your website if available
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