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Event & Meeting Venues

The Untitled artists’ group creates one-night-only art shows in non-traditional spaces. Because part of our mission is to bring innovative visual arts experiences to new audiences, we are always looking for new places to hold our events. Showing in a different space for each show helps us reach a broader community.Untitled shows typically include 60-125 artists and attract 500-1000 patrons over the course of the evening. Untitled shows are free and open to the public. All artists are welcome to participate. Untitled does not reject or censor artwork.Untitled has a large volunteer network and will provide our own publicity, installation, security and clean-up. We also provide our own walls, pedestals, lights and extension cords. We will not hammer, screw into or hang art on venue walls without express permission. We will bring our own wine and snacks to serve our patrons if the venue does not already serve beverages and food. If the venue is a bar or restaurant they’re welcome to serve food and beverages during the show. All art will be removed when the show ends at 10:00pm, with all the walls, lights and other materials being removed from the venue the following day.

Untitled will supply security for events where security is not already in place.

While Untitled cannot pay for venue rental, we can provide an exciting event attended by a large, diverse crowd, and promise to transform your venue into an innovative art space for one night,  to leave it in the condition we found it, and an opportunity for you to support the development of visual arts in Middle Tennessee. We are a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization and all donations to Untitled are tax-deductible. We have shown at a variety of spaces in Nashville, including Werthan Mills Lofts, Bellevue Mall, 506 Events Gallery, Fifth and Main, Essense Day Spa (Essense Room), Marathon Village, the Bar Car, Lucky’s Garage, Bar Twenty3, Layl’a Ultra Lounge, The Anchor Fellowship, Hair of the Dog, Cannery Row Ballroom, Pub of Love, LeQuire Gallery, Limelight Nashville, Buffalo Billiards, Avenue 9, B.B. Kings, and others. We would be happy to provide you with contact information if you would like to talk with someone from one of these venues.

Untitled shows are typically held every 10 weeks on Saturday (or Friday if more convenient for the venue) in March, May , August, October and December. If you would like to discuss the possibility of hosting an Untitled show, please email info@untitlednashville.org.

Untitled’s Venue Needs:
  • 2,000 square feet or more
  • High ceilings
  • Bathroom
  • Electricity
  • Roof
  • Parking
  • Handicap Access
  • Location of venue: Preferably in or around the metro Nashville area (in or close to downtown)
Untitled Events Are
  • Free
  • One night only
  • Open to public
  • All ages
  • Non-smoking
  • Uncensored
  • Non-profit
  • 400-1000 total patrons
  • 60-125 artists
Benefits to Venue
  • Support the arts
  • Publicity as a good corporate citizen
  • Visibility for space
  • Tax deductible donation
Untitled Promises To
  • Bring our own walls, lighting and tools
  • Publicize our event: Press release sent to over 100 contacts and posted on internet calendars/various websites
  • Printed material: Typical poster distribution of 100 / 400 flyers
  • Over 1400 on mailing list, growing everyday + participating artists’ self promotion
  • Treat your facilities with respect
  • Provide a professional security guard if appropriate
  • Recognize and thank the venue on our website and in all publicity
  • Leave the space as we found it

Meeting Venues

Untitled also holds weekly meetings every Wednesday at 6:30pm-8pm in various locations around the Greater Nashville area.

Weekly Meeting Location Needs


  • Accessible – Centrally located near downtown and interstates
  • Parking – Free and accessible; 20-30 vehicles


  • Accommodate 10-35 people
  • No loud music
  • Climate control


  • Supportive of local arts & artists
  • All ages
  • No other interfering events

Perks / Wish list:

  • Food and drink offered or allowed
  • Wireless Internet
  • Projector &/or screen
  • Ample room to hold workshops (possible area for demos or projection screen and 30+ people)
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