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What Is GLOW?

GLOW Show is Untitled’s Annual Fundraiser. GLOW is a one-night-only art exhibit modeled after our regular quarterly shows with a few changes:

  • All Art functions in the dark
  • $5 Suggested donation at the door (participating artists, volunteers, & sponsors get in free)
  • Artist Participation Fee = $15

Untitled will supply a black light if needed. This is included in the $15 participation fee.
Bringing your own black light? It must be the fluorescent tube type that can hang above your work.

All of the regular showing guidelines still apply. Visit our Participate page to learn about the steps to showing with Untitled.

GLOW Show Registration

Registration is OPEN for GLOW! You can fill out the registration survey HERE or…

Learn more on our Participate page.

What Can I Submit To GLOW?

Any art that functions in the dark.
Glow-in-the-dark, Black-lit, Back-lit, Self-lit, Light boxes, artistic lighting, performance art, etc.
(This is the only Untitled show that has a requirement or theme.)
Normal art with its own light source that is not a part of the piece itself is not allowed.

In addition to the one piece per artist allowance, you may also submit work into:

  • Snap Photography Slide-show (see SNAP’s Events page!)

Untitled is just a bunch of artists & volunteers making shows happen together. Please be kind to each other by helping out as much as you can and meeting every deadline and following every rule.
Thank you!

Where Can I Get Things That Glow?


Glow-in-the-Dark or Black Light Reactive Body Paint
(Please be careful and use paints specifically formulated for use on skin)


  • Performance Studios – 1205 Church Street, Nashville, TN 37203 615.256.0070 (glow in the dark, luminescent and day-glow makeup & powders suitable for painting skin)
  • Spencer’s – Selections vary


Where Can I Buy Black-Light Sensitive Paint?
Any fluorescent paint should work under black light.
Anything from cheap craft paint to better quality acrylic or set design paints.
Keep in mind that some glow in the dark products may fade after being out of the light for a few hours.

For invisible black light paint and ink, see links below and search internet for “UV invisible ink” or “Invisible black light paint”, etc.



What Else Reacts to Black-Light?
Many ordinary household items react to black light. We have found these ideas in many places on the internet, so… …Experiment!
Be sure to experiment at home with your own black light! Or bring stuff to a meeting to test under our black lights.

    • Downy and other liquid fabric softeners will glow under black light. The makers of the detergent put in chemicals that glow under UV light, so your clothes appear extra bright. Experiment w/ various brands.


    • Laundry detergents such as Tide – glows light blue


    • Borax will also glow under black light.


    • Fluorescent chalk, pencils and clay all glow under black light, but fluorescent spray does not. (be sure to test as products vary)


    • Some phosphorescent objects (like the glow-in-the-dark adhesive stars you can put on your ceiling) will fade gradually after being out of direct light for a while.


    • Wildfire and Rosco are two paint brands with excellent fluorescent colors


    • Tonic Water – glows light blue. The Quinine in tonic water glows blue when under UV exposure.


    • Vitamins (specifically vitamin A, thiamine, niacin, and riboflavin) fluoresce strongly. A small piece of a vitamin B-12 tablet crushed and dissolved in vinegar glows a bright yellow under UV light.


    • Chlorophyll – glows blood red! (Grind some spinach or swiss chard in a small amount of alcohol (e.g., vodka or everclear) and pour it through a coffee filter to get chlorophyll extract (you keep the part that stays on the filter, not the liquid) For a Red glow, mash up green spinach leaves and mix with a small amount of ethanol, this will glow blood red under UV.


    • Enzymes in some biological washing powder and dishwasher powder glow blue. These enzymes are sometimes added to whitening toothpastes too.


    • Toothpaste / Tooth whiteners


    • Lint from the dryer? Probably depends on your laundry detergents.


    • Do Red Bull and Amp energy drinks glow? Or are these rumors? Try it and let us know.



    • Petroleum jelly


    • White paper


    • Highlighter pens (some – be sure to test)


    • Milk – glows pale orange


    • Various minerals like fluorite,calcite, opal, amber, quartz, etc


    • RIT Whitener & Brightener – glows light blue


    • Woolite – glows green


    • Postage stamps


    • Baby powder – glows white


    • Biological fluids


  • Nocturnal Scorpions- Link

Glowing Things Gallery

For more on what looks pretty in the dark purple light, visit http://chemistry.about.com/cs/howthingswork/f/blblacklight.htm

Drinks that glow under black-light:

Inspiration and Fun

Glowing on Etsy
Check out some Glowing Inspiration on Etsy



Do you have any ideas / links to share? Questions?

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