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Untitled’s next Pop-Up during the First Saturday Art Crawl on 4th Ave is just around the corner! Currently the street-facing lobby at Colab Nashville, 230 4th Ave, is our home-base but we’ll spread into various locations inside the Arcade as more artists join in and the space is needed. Register now and SPAM all your friends!  September is sure to be AMAZING!!!

HELP US TAKEOVER THE CRAWL! We have great audience turnout and your work in the lobby can be seen from down the Arcade, so join us!
- Open to all artists, of all levels with any media and subject matter
- Un-censored, un-juried
One piece per artist
- $15 registration
- Your piece MUST be wired to hang according to the guidelines here
Register your art here

Art drop off will be at CoLab between 3-5pm on the day of the Crawl. You MUST be present for the Crawl between 6-9pm, if not in the venue, then at the crawl to help promote yourself and Untitled. Please emailinfo@untitlednashville.org to let us know if you’re unable to do so. We’re not mean, we just want you to be able to promote yourself as well as possible!

Artists MUST take their art down at 9pm
Registration closes Wednesday, September 4th (open until midnight)
Untitled takes no commission from any sale made during our shows

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