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Get your GLOW on!

Well folks, it’s that time of year again. It’s time to get your GLOW on! You know what that means. Untitled’s annual fundraiser, GLOW: An Illuminated Art Event is happening October 19, 7pm to 11pm at B.B. King’s in Downtown Nashville!

So…what does this mean for you? Well, it’s your time to GLOW! Get your GLOW on and register to show in Untitled’s annual fundraiser. It’s only $15 and that gets you one large piece and five small pieces in the show. Now here’s the only catch: your art needs to function in the dark (just the main piece! The smaller pieces don’t have to). That means it needs to be blacklit (we provide the blacklights), self-lit, or glow in the dark.

Need more info? Go to the GLOW page

Ready to register? Register here!

Want more info on participating in an Untitled show? Head over to the Participate page!


Photos thanks to Carl Lambert

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Thanks for an amazing Full Tilt!

Corsair Distillery
Marty Motola
Emily Laird
Shelly Santana
Kelly Tipler
Steve Steinaway
Ginny Edwards
Pablo Scruggs
Robert Cortner
Heather Brothers
Ken Walls
Eddie Lampton
Audie Adams
Kaaren Engle
Keith Herendon
Dorothy Robinson
Susan Striepe
Genivieve Joyner
Jordan Morgan
Ash Sivils
Carl Lambert

And all of the Full Tilt sponsors, volunteers, and artists!

Thank you for a great show!

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Full Tilt Registration closes TONIGHT!

Hey Slackers!

Time to get your art together because registration for Untitled’s Fall 2012 Show, Full Tilt, closes at MIDNIGHT TONIGHT!

Seriously! Register! NOW! Go here: http://untitlednashville.org/participate

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